From Idea to Innovation Product

The spark of the idea of sustainable energy and transportation systems came to me in 1999. As a result of studies I did in matters such as global warming and the impact of human actions on earth’s resources, I found out that serious danger is threatening human health and human life on earth. I found energy and the transportation systems as the key to this issue, especially taken into consideration that during the last one hundred years, fossil energies from oil have become the main source of energy in the transportation system and have caused irreversible damage to the environment on earth.Electrical vehicles, even after one century of development, still have numerous issues and cannot be considered a long term alternative to fossil energy vehicles.In the year 2000 I realized that we cannot rely on a product named “EV” Electric Vehicle and change its specifications to bring about a change and move towards a sustainable industrial revolution. This new vehicle must be intelligent, capable of being planned and evolve; it should communicate with smart charging stations, smart houses and buildings. It must be managed by software controlling more than 700 parameters simultaneously being evaluated and analyzed.This is how I find new innovation product name's Intelligent Electric Vehicle " IEV ".


Jamshid Arian assl - Researcher and Inventor