iEV Exchange Battery System

The iEV Exchange Battery System and the iEV Robotic Charging Sysystem  introduced in 2000 with the first intelligent electric vehicle name's iev792.


Four inventions were registered on iEV 792, two of which were important, named the iEV Exchange Battery System and the iEV Robotic Charging Sysystem. As all the steps are carried out and controlled by computer and robots I called it “iEV,” meaning intelligent Electric vehicle.


In the robotic exchange battery system, the batteries are changed by robotics from underneath the vehicle in intelligent charge stations “ICS”: this process takes 3 to 5 minutes.


The functions and specifications of the products and inventions were presented for the first time in the International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition, EVS-20 in November 2003. It was held in Long Beach, California, USA. 

These inventions were subsequently implemented in new vehicles which I designed, such as iEV 792, iEV 796, iEV 800, iEV Opel TigraiEFCV 2,IEV2 and so on, and were completed and expanded .


One of the ideas was welcomed by a new, unknown company named Batter Place. They have done much advertisement with this idea all over the world and managed to lobby in political circles in Denmark, Australia, and so on to sign a contract.

I was pleased to see the invention being welcomed. The reality was that they had a very good financial situation and were supported by their governments but unfortunately this company went bankrupt in 2013. I believe their error was that they did not see that the Robotic Exchange Battery system was not enough to create a complete system. 


But the idea was once more attracting attention by Tesla Company. This company managed to produce batteries Model S which could be changed in two minutes. I admire the courage and bravery of all those who are willing to invest in new ideas and spend huge sums of money. I hope these pioneers can interact with grand international car makers and energy producers and could guide them towards the sustainable industrial revolution.



I personally believe that the Exchange Battery System plays a crucial role in transportation system and is even more important than the idea, technology, method, time, place and management of the system. We must not forget that this system cannot be enough or ideal on its own.